How to change cmos chip

fan of board just move and stop unable to see the display in screen as well as in keyboard
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  1. Welcome Newcomer! :)

    If indeed that CMOS chip, resulting from a BAD BIOS FLASH, is indeed the problem then you'll need to send it back to the MOBO Mfg; they can reprogram & test the MOBO.

    However, I would first try to CLEAR your CMOS; pull the power plug AND remove the CMOS battery for ~15 minutes. Otherwise use the the CMOS clear button or Short the CMOS clear contacts on you MOBO. Next, if that fails I would try another PSU or with a DVM {Digital Voltage Meter ~ $30} test the PSU.

    Q - What happened? or What did you do?

    Good Luck!
  2. well mate, nowadays, it's not as easy as removing a DIP chip and replacing it. Either RMA or buy a new board, lol.

    But like jaquith said, what happened? Maybe it's not the something that needs to be replaced.
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