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Okay, I sold my Desktop off a Couple months ago i say about 6.. and havnt really kept up with all the New an in Stuff.. So this is what im asking what would be ad good budget machine to build for this guy. He does Guitar and records his junk on the computer although he will do that on his old system now.He wants it for Surfing the web and to run some of his programs from XP not sure if theyll switch over to Windows 7 or not. Also not quite sure if i should go with AMD or Intel at this point. Keep in mind he is on a budget of i would say a couple hundred no more than 400$. He just wants the tower nothing else... O ya he watches his HD movies on this computer also..So basicly i would say this is going to b a media Center. Any Help would be great in steering me into what processors to even start considering and such
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  1. AMD Athlon II X3 435 ~ $70
    Samsung F3 500Gb HDD ~ $55
    Gigabyte GA-785GMT-USB3 ~ $75
    2GB DDR3 1600 ~ $60
    Coolermaster cheap case ~ $40
    Quality branded PSU eg Silverstone, Corsair 400W ~ $50
    LG DVD/RW ~ $20
    Windows 7 ~ $99
    = Bust, sorry, but this would be my thinking of a way to go. Go for DDR2 mobo and memory for cheaper option and find a Win7 trial version so you can upgrade to Win 7 Home Premium ie you won't have to buy a full copy or upgrade from your Win XP.

    If he has
  2. Scratch if he has
  3. Heres what he has now

    hp pavilion a1610n AMD athlon 64x2 dual core processor
    1024 mb 250gb hard drive

    if we cant build a better machine we where thinking of upgrading this one.
  4. well reuse his case psu and hdd (although the case and psu may be non-std so you may need one (open it up and have a look for makes and models?) follow doives build and you'll be $-30, ddr2 build might be cheaper, what ram is his 1Gb? can you reuse that too and only buy an additional 1Gb?
  5. Thanks For the Replay. I think hes trying to do a two system thing..he wants one just for his guitar junk.. and another one for his wife and him to surf and do stuff.. he says the one he has is running really slow do to all his stuff.

    I got some parts laying around.. Im really just looking to see what people are recommending. So i know what kind of direction to go with the build. LOL u leave for a few months and everything seems to change.. :pt1cable: I was Looking at the Amd Athlon II x3 435 Not to shabby on the specs' Im not one to reuses power supplys' bad experience with that.
  6. Would a amd phenom ii x4 be over kill? i was looking around at them an there not much more'
  7. Or Intel? i7?
  8. Okay while doing a little research i can get a Amd Athlon II x4 635 for around the same price. whats the main diffrence between this an the Athlon II X3 435 other than the one core diffrence?
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