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If I were to swap out fans on a heatsink, should I go for airflow or static pressure?? Also howwould I differentiate an airflow fan from a static pressure one??

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  1. static pressure as you need to push air through the fins of the heat sink,personally I'd use corsair Sp 120 or for a budget wise nearly same performance (though material is less sturdy) I'd go for a coolermaster sickelflow .

    Most leading manufactures sites show the static pressure,tho as linustechtips showed corsair are most accurate in the model specifications.

    Cheers mate. Happy xmas and a happy new years.
  2. It kind of depends on the heatsink in question.

    If you are using it on a case with filter higher static pressure can help, but if it is just a honeycomb style vent, you do not need a powerful fan, you just want to move more air.
  3. Depends on the heatsink...
  4. I have had excellent success with my Hyper 212 with a pair of 110CFM fans on it. For a more "Dense" type of heatsink I'd definitely recommend static pressure. The less room for that air to flow; the harder it is to push through. The static pressure being higher helps eliminate that issue.
  5. cooler is gonna be hyper 212 evo, so how can i tell if a fan is best for cfm or SP?? most fans on most sites like newegg have no mention of static pressure
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    You'll have to search for the manufacturers page if it doesn't have the ratings on newegg. However, the fin width on the 212 is quite good, so I don't see it making a huge difference. Honestly, when I crank my pair of FM 121's they sound like a jet engine and make it impossible for me to hit 65C no matter what I do at 4.4Ghz ~1.25v load temp.
  7. I'm gonna do corsair sp's on it, since I'm filling my case with them and af's
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