Best upgrade 5850 + E7400 good choice?

Hi guys, I'm planing to get a new video card for the upcoming BF bad company 2 but im not really sure what would be the best option.

My budget: 400usd

My current parts:

core 2 duo E7400 2.8ghz @ 3.5 Ghz
RAM 4 gb DDR2 800mhz
Motherboard GA-EP43-UD3L (i think pci-e 2.0 not sure)
Graphic Card: 9500 GT 512mb
PSU cooler master silent pro 750 watts (single but powerfull v12 rail)

My favorite resolution is 1024 x 700 im not fan of HD stuff this resolution looks more than good on my 15" monitor ^^ but i wanna play bad company with everything on high, im also not fan of extreme FPS as long as it doesn't go bellow 30fps im more than happy.

I was thinking of getting a 5850 but people is telling me it will lag on my E7400 or it will get bottlenecked.

for my current pc what would be the best VidCard?? i can push my E7400 to 3.8 ghz tho and im not planning to get a new CPU. i dont wanna waste money if my pc can't handle the 5850...

btw on my country the 5850 is almost 400usd due taxes and commissions ^^


Bad company 2 is released... and for those who have the following parts.. a E7400 @ 4ghz botlenecks a 5750 and ofcourse any higher VGA, BTW only on BC2 botlenecks and also in GTA4.

My tests where on cracked settings with AA x8 AS x16 max fps 60-70 min 25 - 30 the bad thing is that on everthing on low no AA or AS i get the same fps min around 30 too, so Bad company 2 needs a quad core to run properly and if you you look for a VGA that can crank that game the 5750 will do. (5779 not really worth it for me difference is too high in price but not in performance, at least on my country's shops)

im glad i didn't bought the 5850, i'll get a Q9400 next month and i will update this tread. :)
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    at the resolution you could get a 5770 and play everything on everything, with like 3 more of everythings to go with it.

    No reason to get a 5850 at the resolution. Only time you should get it is if you want to get a new monitor too.
  2. Yeah, the HD5850 is totally pointless at that resolution. Even an HD5770 will be massive overkill for that res and it is half the price.
  3. unKno said:
    looks more than good on my 15" monitor ^^

    Nothing looks good on a 15" monitor! :) i know its way of topic, but not so long ago i upgrade from a 17" to a 22" and it was the best purchase i have ever done! u can get great monitors for costs below 5850 or even at the 5770 price tag.
  4. Yeah, if you've got enough for an HD5850 then you should be able to afford an HD5770 plus a much larger high res monitor for similar money. It really WILL make a world of difference and is the best way to use your money.
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  6. have you ever thought about buying a new monitor? you can get 5770 + a nice monitor
  7. Thanks guys, i'll get a 5770 and save the rest for a monitors if my CPU handles bad company 2 well, otherwises i would have to get a core 2 quad Q9400 next month

    btw i manage to get my 7400 into 3.8ghz stable, i think that would help abit ^^
  8. Even at 3.5ghz an e7400 should be great. Don't worry about your CPU, it's really not an issue.
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