Thermalright Macho B&W, AsusP8P67, build advice please, TIA!

I am building PC exclusively to Adobe Premiere CS5.5/later 6.0. (Nvidia card is required for it)

I am on a budget, and pick up some hardware which is bit old or outlet - as with mobo and 2700K
- p8p67 because its old and outlet, and still get's good OC capabilities. I also take 2700K instead of 3770K because it's cheaper and in some areas (0C) is better and in others (rest) is worse, so it is rather even, and 2700K is cheaper.

HR-02 MACHO (Black & white - s.2011 compatible)
FIT INTO P8P69? I wrote to thermaright but got no response.

If I get 1-2 answers that new Macho black & white fits with its new mounting into p8p69 i buy it, and i need to buy it next week. I will give you my build if I get andy response TIA!
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  1. Well, here's something I found.

    Those things are huge though I will say that. I don't think I'd want something that huge hanging on my mobo! LOL

    That's from Thermalright right there. They say it's "multi-fit" like most modern coolers today. I hope this helps out.
  2. BTW, another crazy thing is TY-143 fan, can be bought separately. :heink:

    I googled it a bit before posting:

    Few searches are in german and they say it need 'new assus mounting'. Also there is pdf in the first page of search saying that it is incompatible with ASUS P8P69. (IT IS compatible with some -m or -lv versions, I know it, but they differ).

    But now there is new HR-02 macho BLACK & WHITE, generally the same but the mounting is compatible with socket 2011, and I hope it will work with ASUS P8P67 mobo, the black & white version. If anyone used these together, let me know please
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