Replace electronic board on top of the Toshiba

can the green electronic board on top of the Toshiba MK5056GSY laptop hard drive be replaced in hopes of accessing data on what is otherwise thought to be a bad hard drive?,review-31916-4.html
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  1. Welcome Newcomer! :)

    If you're asking can you HDD be replaced then yes. However, if you mean replacing 'green electronic board' {I assume to be a daughter board} then I don't know.

    Notebooks "accessibility" varies and either a HDD is easy to replace or you need to pull-off, in many instances, the entire bottom cover. I've replaced a HDD in a 'slim' model and it was a chore and you need to be very careful. Unless you feel comfortable with tiny and delicate parts I would otherwise strongly recommend paying a technician.

    Good Luck!
  2. Yes the PCB on a HDD can be changed but there is always the chance it will not work and you need to make sure you get the exact same PCB -- See This article for a more thorough explanation -- In particular this portion is relevant -

    If you have an exact match to the PCB you want to attempt swapping, the risk will be minimal but what allot of people don’t realize, is that code can change overtime even with exact matching parts.

    What this means is... if you were to purchase two NEW exact hard drives at the same time from the same batch and then swapped there PCB's to each other, you would most likely be successful!

    Try that same scenario 6 months after heavy use... and results will could be very different
    There's a high chance that each PCB has made themselves unique to each drive!

    How can this be?
    Its called SMART Technology where the hard drive is designed to reconfigure itself during operation to maximizing performance and protecting data. If a sector is read slow but functional the drive will remap this sector as bad and move this sector creating changes to track and sector information in firmware
    Now this new reconfigured information is unique to the drive, and can cause this PCB to be incompatible with any other drive of matching numbers.
  3. ^Ah, the OP was taking about the HDD integrated controller. {it could have been anything I didn't connect the dots.}

    Better to get a new HDD, and "IF" you need to recover your data then purchase the exact same HDD and have a technician 'borrow' the Controller to retrieve you data. I am not afraid of electronics and I wouldn't even attempt it. If the Technician destroys the equipment it their loss; if you do it it's your.
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