Motherboard or hard drive issue?

Hi guys,

I just built a new computer with a gigabyte p55-ud4p, installation was fairly smooth, got it to post, installed windows 7 64x, and started installing various programs as well as the mobo drivers.

Everything goes smoothly when the computer is on, sound, internet, etc, I can install and play games just fine. It's when I shut down that problems occur.

The first time I booted up the computer, I installed everything off of the gigabyte mobo cd, wouldn't restart.

Reinstalled windows, this time I only installed my ethernet drivers, restarted, thing were fine for a while, installed a few games etc. Then I installed the latest windows update, computer hung up, went into dos when starting up and said something about checking disk and file corruption, it fixed itself and it was fine. So I thought it might have something to do with the windows update, I decided not to update for a few days and the computer seemed to start up fine.

Then, I installed another game, as well as core temp, and when it restarted, it hung up, system restored back to an earlier point and I was able to start up again. I feel like any "system" related installs are causing problems.

I feel like this has to be a motherboard issue, or a hard drive issue, since all the other components are working just fine if I leave the computer on. Any ideas? Do I need to flash the bios? I'm hesitant to even install anything off the gigabyte cd or website, or is it the hard drive? Check disk came up negative but I don't know how else to tell aside from getting another hard drive to test.

Thanks for the help.
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  1. I would say try updating the BIOS first. Check the manufacturer's website, sometimes it will tell you if a BIOS update is needed (or what kind of problems the new BIOS update can fix).

    And just to clarify, your system doesn't work when you install drivers or updates, but works when you don't install any drivers or updates? (in short?)
  2. Pretty much when I did a clean install, and didn't install anything from the mobo cd, it worked.

    After that though, installing various other programs would result in the computer not starting up again. Going back to old restore points gets it working again, but I'm not seeing a real pattern to the programs I'm installing that are causing the issue. I've had the issue occur after installing a game, or windows updates, or coretemp, or other "monitoring" type software.

    --- everything installs and runs fine when I first install it, it's when I restart that the problems occur, and the install has to be reversed in order for the computer to start up properly
  3. Please list all components, USB devices, OS version, etc.

    Don't bother with anything on the motherboard CD. Download the latest from Gigabyte's site, find the page for your specific board revision. Don't forget to install Intel's Chipset Drivers aka Chipset Installation Utility or whatever they're calling it these days. Should also appear on Gigabyte's site.

    What version is the BIOS on the board and is there a later version available? If so, consider upgrading. Do NOT use the windows based @BIOS utility. Instead, go into BIOS and use QFlash.
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