Transferring Win7 using ghost or other.

I am looking to get a a SSD for the first time I would like to get one at bestbuy cause I can get money off it with rewards point and but it dose not come with Norton Ghost 15.0 Software like the one at new-egg does. Here are the links.

All I really want ghost for is to Move win 7 when I get the new drive is there a free alternative program I could use besides ghost if I buy from bestbuy?
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    There are quite a few. However, the consensus around here is that you are better off doing a re-install to the new drive.

    That said, EASUES ToDo Backup is free. You can backup your system drive to an external drive, then install the SSD, disconnect all HDDs other than the backup, and do a Restore to Dissimilar Hardware.

    Please read some of the sticky threads about SSDs, with key points being AHCI mode, the desirability of a fresh install, and transferring from an OS drive that is bigger than your SSD.

    Have fun, and do something about that worm.
  2. I used Macrium reflect

    Worked a treat for me to move my install for a dying HD to a new one (Vista 64 bit), was not SSD, but should work fine.

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