Cooler master centurion 534 case fan

Fan is almost at 6000 rpm. It is at the point to where the noise is getting on my nerves! I have not really tried messing with it. Any ideas?

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  1. The fans that come with the Centurion 534 don't run that fast. They are 120mm and dont even break 2000 rpm and are quiet. What are you using?
  2. Never mind I figured it out. thanks. I realized that too.
  3. joedood said:
    Never mind I figured it out. thanks. I realized that too.

    what was it? CPU cooler?
  4. joeddod - Good to see you figured it out for yourself. That doesn't happen very often at this forum.

    Falcon - at 6,000 rpm that would have be something like a small Delta fan. Delta actually had a 40mm fan rated at 9,500 rpm, 15.69 cfm, and 41.9 dBA. They were used to cool northbridge and southbridge chipsets:

    I used to install Panaflo 120mm high rpm case fans. Didn't care about noise back then. Those were the good old days! :lol:
  5. Your probably right. But I seem to remember a CPU heatsink or two that hit 6000 at max RPM.

    I have worked with a couple of NForce 4 boards that had chipset fans similar to what you described. They really bugged.
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