The Ultimate H100/H100i silent configuration?

Hello everyone everyone i'm not new to this forum i just never actually had to post my questions here before now where i can't seem to find any topic answering this.

Well i'm buying the H100i now and after a very long time of find some alternative fans i've desided to go with the Scythe Gentle Typhoon D1225C12B5AP-15.

Now i have some questions.

I want a SILENT configuration in my new Coolermaster Haf XB and was wondering what the ultimate setup would be if you also remember to take silence into consideration. First things first: should i go with 2 or 4 fans? I figured that 4 fans would be more efficient as i'm going to overclock my I7 2600k from 3.4 to 5.0 ghz.

next- should i have air being pushed INTO the case or should the warm air be sucked out the fan and into the h100i radiator, is that even good for the general cooling? I'm very eager to learn about this so please so thorough :) If you provide a descriptive phrasing instead of a very short answer i'd be happy. Maybe even a picture of the optimal cooling solutions to the haf xb? i don't know if that is asking too much xD


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  1. Couple quick things.. First the H100i probably won't get you to 5Ghz, especially being silent.

    Second, it's better for the other hardware to vent the radiator out of the case, preferably the top.

    If you're looking for 5Ghz safely... well as safe as it could be I guess; you need to start looking into real water cooling loops. Those closed loops are, well in lack of wording, lacking. They perform decently; but a custom loop can be so much better if done correctly. Look up the RX240 kit; that's a beginners kit and is true water cooling. There's a LOT more to a real water cooling setup than just bolting it into place. But the performance is well worth the time you spend learning and creating your own loop. Check out the water cooling thread here on TH and you'll learn a LOT.

    Now if you went with that hardware; I'd suggest maybe a 4.8Ghz max depending on temperatures and voltages needed. Even though; if it were me, I wouldn't buy the H100i in any respect and I'd have a Hyper212 to hold me over until I could built a custom loop.

    (Edit : All that good spelling and I call it a custom "look" at the end. Fail me! FAIL!)
  2. Thanks a lot for the brilliant feedback steddora!

    Okay i realize than 5Ghz might be a tad bit too much. and 4.8Ghz is more than enough in my respect. And i do think the Rx240 is a good kit. I saw some reviews on that and a lot of other options before going with the h100i.
    But from what graphs i can find it seems to only cool about 3-6 degrees more in comparison; I might be mistaken.
    So i only have this question left: 2 or 4 fans ?
  3. I'd personally go with 4 fans if it was me, but I don't think it'd make a huge difference. Just remember the biggest thing with reaching an overclock is how the chip reacts. Some SB chips will go clear to 4.8Ghz on 1.375 or so volts while others won't even post at 1.425v. That 3-6 degrees on the RX240 can make or break that overclock you know? Even though the RX240 is a "good" kit. Remember it's entry level and there are even better out there. There's so many options. Halfblazed showed of his rig in a post not too long ago and that thing is just awesome in looks and performance.

    Either way, I always rather the idea of push/pull fans so I'd go with 4. :)
  4. Excellent! The overclocking is no problem i'm just new to the whole watercooling thing :$
    But i'f i go with that 4 fan push/pull configuration don't you also think it would be a good idea with an intake fan as well just as a safety measure for the rest of the hardware?
    Also how do you think the volume of the sound would amplify with that many fans in a system that is supposed to be silent ? :/
  5. Well, it depends. The more fans you have the louder it's going to be. Regardless of how you look at it. It's just the amount of sound is going to increase. 50 40mm fans at 500RPM are a lot louder than 5 80mm fans at 1000RPM.

    In your case, I'd be pushing as much into that case as possible and let the radiators fan take the heat out of the case. Basically, they would become my exhaust. But I'd try to remain at positive pressure which in many cases would be incredibly difficult to having that radiator setup.
  6. steddora said:

    In your case, I'd be pushing as much into that case as possible and let the radiators fan take the heat out of the case. Basically, they would become my exhaust. But I'd try to remain at positive pressure which in many cases would be incredibly difficult to having that radiator setup.

    so fans like this ?
  7. I forgot! That case is a BOX! They are nice cases. Though that's going to be shooting exhaust air down into the bottom compartment from the front. Either way you're either going to be heating up the mobo compartment or drive/psu compartment in that case. That's exactly why I ended up with the Thor v2 instead of that case.Is there any way to run the cooler in the bottom bay beside the PSU? If you could; I'd probably exhaust out the back in that configuration.
  8. the top half and bottom half is not connected at al to my knowledge unless you remove the mobotray. Thanks that was actually also what i thought i should do from the beginning stupid me xD But you have been very helpful steddora! I'm now waiting for the parts and excited about the config :D
  9. Yeah, I'd wait to actually have it in hand. Come up with a good theory, take some snapshots of it, upload to imgur and post back here and we'll figure something out. I forgot that was the XB. Those cases are nice; but hard to get an "airflow" system rolling in an intelligent manner. It may be the best option to vent it over the mobo; you never know. Just have to see what we have to work with once you have it together.

    And how couldn't you be excited over new hardware? Nothing is better than filling that new case with hardware. Heck I still get a kick out of trying to figure out some wire management in a micro tower built with no actual wire management. LOL
  10. haha i totally know the feeling within the past month i built a computer for a friend and my mom and now another friend wants me to build one :) the fiddling around is lovely.
    When i saw the Haf Xb i was in love it fits perfect under my flow level japanese table. It will give me so much space on the table again.
    It sucks that it's SO SSD optimized. I mean who realy uses 4x480Gb SSDs ? I know that it's popular but I just can't see any reason for having that much SSD space. I'd rather have make 2 SSD slots less and then add 2 HDD slots.
    But i'm sure i'm gonna love it especially with the plexiglass panel that will be released soon To display all the goods. Gonna buy the evga 670 FTW silent card with this configuration. I'm only handling a gtx 580 atm and with games like metro 2033 and far cry 3 it's not really ideal anymore in the top notch gaming league if you get me.
  11. if you'd like more on the CLC's; head down to the watercooling sticky and scroll down to the CLC section. There should be alot of info on how to setup your unit optimally :)

    welcome to the forums(wow, you've been here but only 6 posts), and welcome to the world of watercooling, although 40C delta ain't watercooling territory, more like air superiority.
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