Biostar mcp6p m2+

I have the biostar mcp6p m2+ and I was wondering what a good compatible
cpu heatsink and fan is for it? I have a zalman from my old board and it fit but with this biostar,
it won't. It says its for the same socket and all but the parts that came with the fan,
wont work with this board.
any affordable suggestions?
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  1. Nowadays many heat sinks are using adapters (brackets of different sizes) to make fit from one type of socket to another - just to make sure, is your zalman by any chance one of these? (Maybe you had some brackets or such leftover on your first install?)

    btw? what cpu are you using?

    And what type of heatsink are you looking for?
    Check this site out, they have a large list of heatsinks that can help you pick the right one =)

    Clicky hurr!~
  2. I tried grabbing the bracket from the other board but it didnt fit. i think the screws were in the wrong place. im still not sure what kind of heatsink i want. when upgrade, ill check to see if actually need a new one. still on the fence. Right now, im just using what came with the board when i bought it.
  3. Well an aftermarket heatsink will always be better than stock xD. But you can find plenty of good one for averagely about $40? Well if you need anything let me know mate =)
  4. What Zalman do u have?

    The mobo is socket AM2+ and if the cooler support socket AM2/AM2+ and AM3 so should fit without problems unless that u need change something in the cooler.
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