Is 1156 from Intel done?

I tried to google but couldnt find the answer. Do you think the 1156 socket will get any new processors? I'm not talking the weird 860 or 870 S versions, but maybe a 990!

It seems strange for Intel to make the 1156 then move to the 1366 so quickly. Also, i dont hear great thing about the 1366...

It would be nice to know that eventually i'll be able to replace my 860 with a new faster processor, but maybe it wont happen.
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  1. The 1366 came out before the 1156. They're replacing both sockets in 2011 I believe...
  2. Yeah, i do see that now. The forum search here was much more useful than google and there are multiple threads on the subject, thanks.

    Admins, you can delete this one if you so choose.
  3. exactly how is the 860 slow at 2.8 and overclocks at 3.4??
  4. He never says it's slow.
    It would be like upgrading from a i7 930 to an i7 980X.
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