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I recently recieved an Intel DP45SG motherboard as a gift. I have an Intel E7200 core2 processor running at 1066 MGz FSB. Ram came also but it's1333 MGz DDR3. Will this ram function with the core 2 processor? Thanks.
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  1. Please post the exact part-number and/or link to the RAM versus a guess.
  2. Corsair CM3X2048-1333C9DHX XMS9-1333 2048MB 1333MHz 9-9-9-24 1.5v ver 5.2 09471080
  3. Well Corsair doesn't list your Intel DP45SG
    Certified Intel DP45SG {nearly a nothing list} -

    I assume that the RAM is installed as follows or visa versa Black/Blue and properly seated. The Speed, CAS and Voltage is comparable so theoretically 'could' work, but theory and mix-match RAM is not always the case.

    Blue DIMM slots:
    2X2GB DDR3 Corsair CM3X2048-1333C9DHX {9-9-9-24 @ 1.6V) <- lot of compatibility issues.

    Black DIMM slots:
    2X2GB DDR? Corsair XMS9-1333 2048MB {9-9-9-24 @ 1.5V) <-unknown model

    You need to post the following using CPUz -
  4. This hardware has not been installed as yet. I don't want to have any compatability problems. These items were a gift and I don't want to return them without cause. My wife gave this to me and asks if I have used them yet. I do not wan't to hurt her feelings about this. If at all possible can compatability be established without this diagnostic test?
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    Only way is for both to appear on a Tested and/or Certified list together. Otherwise it is a guess, and since I only know 1 off the 2 I can only guess theoretically yes.
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