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I need help.. I have a Dell Inspiron B130 laptop. The hardrive crashed. I purchased a new hard drive and was able to successfully install Windows XP Home Addition to the computer (what was provided by Dell). I then installed the wireless drivers so I could get on the internet. I then go to Control Panel, Security Center... click on "Check for the latest updates from Windows Update". I routed to the Windows Update home page. In the middle of the screen it has "Keep your computer up to date" Check to see if you need updates for Windows, your hardware or your devices. I click on the "Express" tab.. it then begins checking for the latest updates for your computer. I then get an error message: The website has encountered a problem and cannot display the page you are trying to view. Error number: 0x80244019. I've attempted to run this several times over several days and the error number changes. I think it's an issue with getting on the internet. When I try to go in the internet through explorer, it loads the home page ( I actually see the days headlines and pictures are changing like normal but th timer display at the bottom of the screen is still running.... then I get a error message from Internet Explorer: Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. It doesn't give me a error number. Just will not "fully" launch Internet Explorer. Am I missing drivers or something? Help...
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  1. Are you able to cable to your router and get online that way, if only to eliminate the wireless connection from the list of suspects?

  2. Are you able to cable to your router and get online that way, if only to eliminate the wireless connection from the list of suspects?

    I'm able to get online... that's what's odd. I'm able to do research on the issue through the Microsoft web site. I'm even able to navigate from this point to Google. But it's while I'm up and on the internet (other than when I'm on a Microsoft web page) the the internet always encounters a problem and has to shut down. For example I was just on my local Cleveland news website and it pulled it up and I was reading just fine. But then within about a minute or two I get the prompt that Internet Explorer has enountered a problem and has to shut down. I'm even able to "report" the issue to microsoft. Not sure if I'm missing some drivers? But like I said I can get on the internet and navigate to Microsoft website. I've even done searches and thought I've downloaded Windows service pack 2, it even rebooted but when I try to update to windows service pack 3 it tells me I still need service pack 2?
  3. I'm even able to log on to this web site. But.. for this site as soon as I try to go into the Forums I get a error message... Typical Microsft Internet Exploerer error box. "Internet explorer cannot open the internet site http://www.tomshardware.come/forum/. Operation aborted. It's like something is missing allowing me to get into websites...
  4. It's like when the adds start popping up.. it won't allow internet explorer to continue.

  5. Try updating IE to the latest version or download another browser - Firefox has good advert blocking add-ons. Look for AdBlock.

  6. You got it! I upgraded to Internet Explorer 8 and that fixed the problem. I've since updated to Windows SP2, and SP3. All seems to be working great. Last question for ya... why isn't my sound working? Driver?
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