Phenom II CPU @ 1.56V .. Safe or Not ?

I have an Unlocked Phenom II X2 555 as a quad at 3.8GHz, Its running rock stable but with a voltage at 1.56, Temps maxed on prime95 are about 60Cand Max gaming temps dont exceed 50C, Im using a cooler master heatsink with double fans (One on each side). What do you guys think ? Safe or not ? One option I have is to bump down the speed to 3.7GHz and i would be able to bump down voltage to 1.48, I tried doing 1.52V for 3.8GHz but it wouldnt run stable, Suggestions ?
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  1. I would suggest you keep PII voltages under 1.5v

    AMD turning a quad into a dual core means a core is defective, or the quality of the silicon isn't as good, or both. You've already unlocked two extra cores, so ease up a bit on the overclock and lower your voltages.
  2. Well, its probably safe. But it is over spec.

    Personally, I agree with Bluescreenofdeath. I would stop at 1.5. But I don't think the extra .06 will hurt you much.
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