Temprature concerns?

the max temperature of my Intel Core i5 3570k overclocked to 4.2ghz while gaming were core#0 63c core#1 68c core#2 59c core#3 60c and the real temperature of the CPU was 36c. Are this good temperatures?
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  1. They are below the Tcase temperature displayed on the Intel website. What cooler are you using? And what do you mean by the "real" temperature of the CPU?
  2. I am using the corsair h60. I mean the overall temperature of the CPU is 36c
  3. That sounds off as could be if that's what the package sensor is reading. Are you sure that's not the northbridge/chipsets temperature.
  4. +1^ if you can, post a screenshot of HWmonitor or something similar that told you those temperatures.

  5. Core temp has been monitoring temperatures during gaming and those are the max it has gotten to.
  6. Looks to me if that things reporting a wrong temperature for the CPU. The intel chips (I believe the Ivy Bridge has the same setup as the Sandy) have sensors on all of the cores and the "package" which is under the heat spreader. They should be within a few degrees of each other regardless.

    That sounds like you may have a reporting from the motherboard showing as CPU but is actually something like the northbridge or case temperature sensors.
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    I would recommend trying HWmonitor, might show up different. There is also Everest. There can be discrepancies with programs...ASUS AI Suite inverts my motherboard temperatures and CPU despite the fact I own an Asus motherboard :lol:
  8. And that's another reason to my list of reasons of why I don't buy into Asus motherboards anymore. I actually had an Asus mobo that had a Duron 800mhz? on it and it reported my temperatures as GREAT! Even in the Bios. Once I smelled the CPU melting it was too late. At least it hit 1.2Ghz before it fried.
  9. yeah normal the total cpu temp is 5*-10* over the average core temps.

    If you want a reference mine is liquid cooled @ 4.5ghz highest temp I ever gotten was 60* with stress testing, Highest core temp with prime 95 was 52* Gaming core temp is normally 45*
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