The best videocard for around $80

I would like to be able to play games like mw2 and cod waw. I only have a 430 watt powersupply which i plan on upgrading a little down the road. so i need a card that doesn't need more than that much power. thanks
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  1. If you can afford slightly more this card is a lot better then the ones available for $80;
    It should be fine for a 430w PSU.

    "The GeForce 9600 GT is a great performer, thanks in part to its high-end 256-bit memory interface and speedy DDR3 memory. It's a great choice on an $80 budget, even if the architecture on which it centers is showing its age.

    While the GeForce GT 240 is beginning to encroach on this card's price territory, the 9600 GT remains a bit faster than even the GDDR5 version of the newer card, and its recommendation remains secure for the time being. It remains to be seen whether the new Radeon HD 5670 will drop in price to give the 9600 GT some real competition."

    The 4770 above is a good buy but not as much as this one for $99
  3. It's a better buy actually even ignoring that the person came here asking about $80 cards and that card will cost $127 initially. Plus with the GTS 250 you have to start questioning the quality of the 430w PSU to be sure it will work.
  4. The best you can do is a Radeon 4670. It should be fine even with a sub par 430W PSU. This model from Sapphire has a cooler particularly suited to overclocking it

    You could also go with the GT240 (the GDDR5 version of course), but it's a bit past $80. Anything more powerful would probably require a better PSU than the one you currently have.
  5. The HD4770 will be fine on a 430w PSU unless it is terrible quality and is much better than the cards you are suggesting.
  6. I've seen 4850s around that price, or a 4830.
  7. There was an HD4850 on sale over the week end for $94 but that's the lowest I've seen it new in a very long while. Also like with the GTS 250 the HD4850 means you have to start questioning the quality of the PSU to make sure it will work.
  8. Best video card around $80-$100 is probably the 5670. It supports dx11, eyefinity, and performs on the same level as a 4830.

    The 4830 is also a good option for around $80ish, and the 4770 for around $100ish.
  9. HD5670 still costs $100 and is overpriced for the performance.
  10. That HD4770 suggested is a good card.
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