HDMI with Sound Card - Is It Possible?

I'm building a computer, H55 mobo with an Intel i3. It has an inbuilt HDMI port for the onboard audio. How do I setup the computer to use the sound card when I use the HDMI port? Or do I need a receiver to plug in a separate HDMI and optical port.
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  1. If you mean sound from the card only or sound from HDMI only......... control panel/sound..... open up audio and select.
  2. it always uses the soundcard. All that changes is where the sound is routed to. You may have to tweek a setting or two to get ALL of the audio to output via HDMI. often anything not in HD audio, like surround sound, will be output to the spdif or regular audio jacks. It may be as simple as removing those output types from the audio control panel to force all audio to use HDMI. Alot fdepends on what your board will supoort over HDMI.
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