GA-MA785GT-UD3H with slow usb transfers

Hello guys.
I have this mobo for a while now, and I noticed this problem something like a month after I got it. The problem is:
when making usb file transfers to flash drives like a thumb drive or SD cards, the transfers starts with normal rates and suddenly freezes, then, after something like 2 minutes(the time is random) it unfreezes and the transfer rate drops considerably. This keeps going on until the transfer rate reaches below 200kb/s.
One weird thing is that tranferring files to my external hard drive (my passport essential) works just fine, what makes me think that this is an issue with flash disks only. A second weird thing is that if I copy files to an SD card that is inside a mobile phone, it works without problems as well.
This issue happens with both front and back USB ports and with my card reader as well. At first I thought it was an Windows issue, but it happens with my Ubuntu Linux also.
You guys have any idea what the problem might be?
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  1. Have you tried more than one flash drive (sd card)? And do you know what format these cards are in?? And has it always done this since you purchased your flash drive?

    Have you tried formatting your flash drive and seeing if that helps any?
  2. Hi Gekko, thanks for your reply.
    So far I've tried 3 kingston datatravelers, 1 kingston SD card and a San Disk one. They're using fat32. Well, my thumb drives are much older than my current pc and I have no problems using them on my notebook or another computer (I forgot to mention that on my first post). Yes, I formatted them several times since the issue first appeared :(
    Again, thanks for replying.
  3. Not a problem =) we are here to help out x).

    Now tell me, when you use these drives on your notebook (or any other pc) do they run as slow as when you use them on this one machine, or do they run at faster speeds?

    Now do you know what class your SD cards are? Usually it'll be 'Class 2' and above for SD cards nowadays. And the lower the class, the slower they go (or the more limited they are as to how fast they can go).
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