ATI setup says i need to install standard vga drivers

i recently re-installed windows xp home edition on my dell dimension 8400 desktop. everything has been working great except the video card. the computer has a factory installed ATI Radeon X300 card, (no integrated video controller), i downloaded the correct drivers from the dell website, and when i go to install them it says "setup could not complete, try using standard vga drivers first" obviously there are some kind of drivers already installed because i have picture, the problem is it wont allow me to adjust the display above 1024 x 768 pixels so it looks like crap on my 19' lcd monitor i would like to know how to get these drivers to install, i already tried installing them in safe mode, also the video card is not recognized when i go into display properties everything is grayed out. also it doesnt show up in device manager, i dont know what else to do please help btw i also tried the drivers from the ati website
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  1. Try using drivers from the ATI site rather than Dell.
  2. force update them dont use the crappy installer

    also try removing the video driver in device manager and allowing windows to reinstall it, and update chipset drivers may also help
  3. i was just having this same issue and i went to device manager right clicked on my radeon x700 went to properties.. and it wasnt even enabled.. duhh thats why it couldnt read my standard adapter(the radeon) therefore couldnt update it.. yeah it still showed on everest and everything but try it.. might be your solution.. it got disabled
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