Crosshair iii formula

my new system.
crosshair iii formula
965 B E
4gb kingston hyper x 1600
wd 500gb 32mb cache 7200 rpm hdd
xfx radeon 5770 gpu
lg dvd burner
cooler master case and 550 w psu
win 7 64 bit

I am having troubles with getting turbo v, ai suite to load, says no supported. a little disappointed with performance of system.
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  1. What exactly were you expecting and how has it failed you?
  2. well the book, and cd both say that the crosshair iii use turbov and ai suite, neither will load, and intall. also when i install amd overdrive it will no show gpu temps, or any other temps of the mobo, only shows cpu.
  3. Have you tried the updated software from the website?

    How about the Motherboard drivers? Lots of things don't function right without those. And you might have looked right past it with Windows 7.

    If none of that works, you can try AMD's utilities.
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