WHat is a good (but not too large) HSF for old AM2+ CPU??

I have several systems with a Gigabyte Chassis that I'm giving away to my mom and my sister. I have a couple xigmatek dark knight II SD1283 Heatsink Fan solutions lying around. They WILL install in the gigabyte chassis on the motherboard, but they are too tall to get the case lid back on. They stick out of the case about roughly an inch when installed. Does anyone know a heat sink that is good that might be an inch or 2 shorter?
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  1. Here is a link to the HSFs that I mentioned in my post for reference:

    And also, i won't be overclocking these most likely. Even so, I am wary about using AMDs stock HSFs because these stock solutions would heat my CPU to 100 celsius on guild wars 2 in 20 minutes or less every time, and within an hour or so on Half-Life 2, resulting in a system shut-off. INstalling the Xigmatek does the trick, but its just too big.
  2. Check out frostytech's LP list:


    The 110mm and under should fit your case, but watch for RAM clearance.
  3. i use deepcool mc 3002 gx on my 1100t and fx 8350 , keeps them cool at moderate oc of 3.9 1100t and 4.3 on 8350 . for $18.00 it can;t be beat , and it is silent

  4. OH yeah, and I"m still looking for a cooler for my mom and sister. Jerry, I am concerned that cooler might be too big. They DO have a mid-tower, but its kinda skinny. That heatsink looks similar to my xigmatek one that i linked. It needs to be about an inch shorter than the xigmatek one.
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