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I have recently bought another computer which came with a Corsair Force 3 64gb SSD. I have installed my Windows 7 64 on this drive. I have just added a OCZ Agility 3 SSD 120gb. Now here is the problem - I cannot see this drive in My Computer. I can see it in Device Manager and when I click on Volumes and populate the following is shown:

Disk: Disk0
Type: Dynamic
Status: Online
Partition style: GUID Partition Table (GPT)
Capacity: 114473MB
Unallocated space: 114345MB
Reserved space: 128MB

How do I get it to show in My Computer and be able to use it? I am happy to re-install Windows 7 on either this drive or the Corsair as I have only just got it so do not have much else installed.

Another question is can I just put Windows 7 on the Corsair so it boots up quickly and if so how do I stop other programs from installing on this drive as they have done so at the moment.? I also have 2 2TB SATA external drives attached which I am going to use to store Documents, photos etc. Can I use either one of these or the OCZ to put the Program Files & Program Files x86) or do they automatically install when Windows 7 installs?

Sorry to ask if these are simple questions but I have no clue!! Willing to learn though!!
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  1. have you formated the ssd?
  2. go to disc management and assign it a drive letter and or initialise it--will then show in my computer

    go to start and type in disc management--top of the list will be the one you want--create and format hard drive

  3. Verify your drive is recognized by the computer on boot up it should be listed on the initial list of devices found or if you know your bios startup combination usually, F2, F12 or ESC. you can go into the bios and see if it is listed.

    If the drive is present then just exit out of the bios
    Boot into Windows
    Go the start button and right click on Computer from the fly-out
    Click on Manage
    The window that opens should have a Storage category with Disk Management
    Click on Disk Managament, highlight your drive and initialize it to make it active
  4. Thanks guys it worked and I can now see my SSD.
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