Quick n00b question: boxed retail processor and a fan.

Hey there, i'm starting to build a new pc, and I've been picking the components very carefully and price checking different places for different parts. When i got to the CPU I got a tray Intel Core i5 750 SLBLC 1156 2.66Ghz and an accommodating fan to go with it, that is extra quiet, which i love. HOWEVER! I checked another store and there was the same CPU but in a BOX version, yet it was cheaper (in about 20$~).

My question is, do boxed processors come all assembled with the hsf already in the box? Can i still just use only the processor unit without the hsf that came in the box version and use my own fan that i chose? I'm assuming i can, but the question is how exactly do retail processors packed? will i have to disassemble an already assembled hsf to install my own or does it come disassembled already? Or maybe the boxed version's hsf is good and quiet enough already, in that case i will be saving even more money?

like i said, noob question. thanx in advance.
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  1. The trey and retail processors are the same. The retail just gets the stock heatsink and a 3 year warranty. The Retail heatsink that comes with AMD is OK if your not overclocking. The Intel Heatsink sucks all around.

    If I remember correctly, the OEM processors do not come with any warranty. And at least in the case of AMD, the warranty on the retail unit is only good if you use their heatsink. Of course, you don't have to tell them if you use an aftermarket unit.
  2. No, the CPU is in a plastic container tray. The HSF - I assume you're talking about the stock Intel fan - is separate. You can use the processor without the fan without having to disassemble anything. The cpu has to go in the socket and the socket lid closed before any HSF can be attached so it can never be pre-assembled, unless you're buying a motherboard with a CPU in it already and the HSF attached. That seems kinda odd but I'm sure if there was a buyer someone would sell it.
  3. thank you for the quick reply, you gave me much needed help =]
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