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Good evening im having little issues with i5 3570k and asrock z77 extreme4-m...just tried overclocking disabled all option i needed...used a overclocking guide..but after all bios dont let me change multiplier to more than 38...that option not highlighted like other and whatever i write after pressing enter or other key it return to 38...any tips would be apriciated guys thank you...
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  1. First you should make sure your motherboard has the most up to date bios. Then you should set the bios settings back to stock. You don't need to disable/enable anything to hit 4Ghz (40). Just click advanced oc and change the multi to 40 and press enter..
  2. Bios updated to latest...i still cant change multiplier...whatever i do it returns to 38(i5 3570k)...its like that section locked..dont let me change multiplier...
  3. Are you sure you have the 3570k and not the non-k version?
  4. You're not adjusting the turbo multiplier are you? You should just disable turbo and then run the CPU Ratio/Multiplier up a bit. It sounds like you're limited because of the turbo multiplier and not the actual chips multiplier.
  5. Ho would he be limited by that? I have same cpu and I just put the turbo multi at 45 and that was it.
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