Upgrading from 8800 gts 384

Whats up all,
My EVGA GTS 8800 GTS 384 is acting up and I know its a bit old. I was looking to see what would be a good upgrade for me. I only run 1 display at 1280 x 1024 but am getting a new monitor as well (1920 x 1080 or something like that). I also do not want 2 cards. I play mostly Lotro, dragon age, some fps.

Thanks for the advice

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  1. No budget? No CPU? No PSU?

    Grab 2x HD5970
  2. A 5770 would be good for a 1680x1050 or 1920x1080 screen, if your looking to spend a little more a 5850 would max all games at 1920x1080.

    How many watts is your PSU and what is your CPU?
  3. i think its a 700 or 800 watt power supply. I have a 6600 core 2 duo and 4 gigs ram
    I dont need to max out all games. I am not maxing things out now, well the older games a bit, and I am quite fine with it.

    my budget is under $200 or so

    sorry about the spec thing
  4. I think you mean the 8800GS 384mb.
    For the new monitor I would recommend at least an HD5770. It should give you good performance at 1920x1080. You could wait a lil bit for the HD5830 which would be better but it is rumored to be priced closer to $230.
  5. Hi,

    I also play Lotro and i used to have 8800gts 320mb. When my 8800gts died I RMA'ed and got a replacement of 9800gtx 512mb. Lotro now runs more gorgeous with all on ultra high settings (DX10) except Texture detail (high) and Dynamic shadow (high) in a Res. of 1680x1050. For a Res. of 1920x1080 I would recomend 5850 because of its 256-bit memory interface it helps alot specially when you are at Ettenmoors, but again budget limited so 5770 is a better choice. 5750 is almost equal to 9800gtx plus 5k sereis card of ATI offers DX11 which is a big advantage when March comes. (Lotro implementing DX11)
  6. cool. what lotro server you play on
  7. I play on Landroval server.
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