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How do I recover a RAW NTFS partition

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March 9, 2012 12:10:32 PM

I read the sticky above ... tried it, and I am still encountering problems.

Controller set to [RAID].
Drive 0
Drive 1 = Combined in Raid 0

Drive 2 = standalone
Drive 3 = standalone

Old Drive 0 failed. So I had to buy a new drive (SSD).

Switched Controller to [AHCI] - for SSD (it is a standalone SSD IE Not operating in a raid).

Drive 0 = SSD standalone config
Drive 1 = Unreadable (expected this, and formatted with no issues)
Drive 2 = Unreadable (NTFS partition is seen as RAW) (Tons of data need to recover)
Drive 3 = Unreadable (NTFS partition is seen as RAW) (meh ... not worried bout this one)

So how do I recover the RAW NTFS partition that was setup while controller was in RAID mode, and now the controller is set to AHCI?

War and Peace,

Best solution

a c 289 G Storage
March 9, 2012 12:19:33 PM

Not sure what you read in the sticky above. Have you tried simple recovery utilities such as Recuva or EASEUS Partition Recovery?
March 9, 2012 12:43:43 PM

I will give EASUS Partition Recovery when I get home.

Currently the system is running "Testdisk" from If that doesn't work, I will get EASUS a go.

War and Peace,
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June 4, 2012 1:01:24 PM

Best answer selected by godowar.
May 11, 2014 11:25:38 PM

I RECOVERED MY LOST PARTITION, 200GB of precious data 100%!

I DID IT!!!!! Once again, I righteously proclaim that I am a genius! I went into a maze of darkness and got lost a little bit with all kinds of trials. I used all these junks that didn't work and wasted my time:'s Data Recovery,, and's TestDisk. They all lied and claimed that their programs could recover partitions. All the exhausting time consuming scans, with at least 3 data movements to experiments in other disks took me almost 20 hrs of active times and many more hours of automated computer working by itself. Nothing was good. I found all kinds of junk files in my backup discs dating back to as far as 1993 in those experimental scans. Those junk files will drown you and waste your time. Don't waste your time with almost 2 million files! They are very interesting though. Those are other people files on these HDDs I bought. I should now offer professional data recovery services for both files and partition. I almost spend $30 or more to these tempting services myself and wasted more time and money.

So how did I do it. Simple! Using EaseUs. The partition that went crazy and became "unallocated," I tried to reassign to Windows 7 with NTSF. It was asking me to format in order to access it and I got scared and stopped there. So I just cloned that UNFORMATED RAW inaccessible disc to other disc and experimented with the recovery activities. I formatted with QUICK FORMAT via Windows 7 at the cloned disc and as I expected, the partition was lost. However, it taught me something and gave me an idea. I created some test directories and copied some files and DELETED + UNALLOCATED the whole partition in the cloned HDD drive.

1. I restarted my Windows and start EaseUS.
2. Highlighted on that DELETED + UNALLOCATED part on that HDD.
3. On top EaseUS showed an icon "Partition Recovery"
4. Clicked on that and CHECKED the disc showed in the list
5. EaseUS gave me two options: "Fast" or "Complete" to check in its Partition Recovery Wizard.
6. It went to work for about 15 mins or more, depending on the size of your HDD or partition size and it automatically formatted NTSF Primary, Logical or whatever it was before and I found everything back just as before!
7. Now I simulated the real RAW INACCESSIBLE HDD that requiring me to format.
8. I DELETED and UNASSIGNED the whole HDD and restarted Windows.
9. Started EaseUS and highlighted the HDD and did the step 2 to 6 above! I got it all back!

If anyone needs professional data recovery, partition recovery, and file recovery, I can do it for you for fair fee.