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Hey guys,

I've been to this site several times but this is my first time posting here.
I've built a computer and I like to fiddle with tech but this is my first time dealing with overclocking a GPU. I'm running a factory oc'd GTX 560 and I was wondering: how important is it to tweak the memory clock? It runs at a default of 1800 MHz and I'm wondering what significance messing with it holds in relation to tweaking the Core and Shader clocks. Should I be pushing it further?
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  1. You'll boost some of the high end graphics like AA and blur and the like. The GPU itself is more "power" but the faster the memory/shader clock is the faster the ram will go. For the most part, a halfway decent overclock will only boost the ability to go from 2x to 4x AA with the shader/memory clock.
  2. Alright, thanks for the info man! I'll get back to fiddling and hopefully not set my computer on fire.
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