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Getting hard disk's box? (dunno what it is called)

Hi, I was thinking to buy this:


Sorry if the link is japanese language... I dont know what it is called but I plan to buy this since I got my pay for last month ^^ anyone can give me some advice about pros and cons of this one?
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More about getting hard disk dunno called
    Cant see the brand name or details but should work fine.
  2. thanks... for a further search just now the name is tera-station... I dont know if this is the official name or name of brand like Buffalo Terastation...
  3. As an enclosure to build your own NAS I do not see any problems with it.
  4. it is... also I dont want to give more weight on my cpu though I know it can handle it but it makes difference if you have this one...
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    Do not know what you are trying to do but it should not affect the performance of your PC.
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  7. thanks
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