Nvidia quadro fx 1800 vs ATI HD 5870

I'd like to know which card is better for 3d modeling / rendeding and compositing.
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  1. The FX is a rendering card, the 5870 a gaming card.
  2. Thus in many cases the lower end rendering card will stomp the higher gaming card. Will you be using this card only for 3d modeling and rendering?
  3. Hi Xtr64! yes, I'll be using the card for software like 3dmax, AE, Fusion...
    I know the 5870 is a gaming card but it looks like a very strong one.
  4. If doing flat out 3D rendering then definatly go with the workstation card. It also depends on which programs you use as some are heavily favoring to workstation cards due to driver suppport.

    v3750 vs 4850 somewhat close to what you are looking for but not.

    5870 vs v8750 ($400vs $1400) a good ilistration of driver support.
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    Well, unfortunately I do not have any meaningful experience in the area, but from what I have seen, if you are doing moderate to heavy workstation apps the workstation card is worth the cost.

    Here is a comparison between a FX4800 and a GTX280 (about same in terms of hardware):,2258-10.html?xtmc=gaming_vs_workstation&xtcr=3

    Now, your question does not compare two cards of equal hardware (they are even different brand!) so I don't know how exactly it will turn out. All I can really say is that great gaming doesn't necessarily mean decent workstation. If you are working with small or simple models either would be fine. For extremely complex models, the best workstation card you can afford may be the best bet.
  6. Thanks for the fast reply!
    What surprises me is that the ATI 5870 is 2GB while the FX1800 is 768MB....and yet the FX is better for rendering?
  7. Its the driver support that wins the day.

    4870 vs V8700. hardware wise they are 99% the same.,2154-10.html?xtmc=v8700&xtcr=1

    EDIT: 5870 vs fx3800 getting closer...
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