Should total installed and physical memory the same?

Is there something wrong if i had 6gig total memory installed but im only getting 3.99gig in the physical memory and the reason for asking this is that. I just got my GTX480 RMA and when i installed it i suddenly have freezing issues which never happened before. when trying to install a fresh copy of vista home 64 bit it just freezes. When i got through the installation problem my computer just randomly freezes. plz need help asap sorry no time for correcting grammars XD
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  1. Yes the total installed memory should match the total physical RAM - however depending on where you are reading these figure from and what operating system you are running the figure can be misleading.

    Firstly you need a 64 bit OS to see more than 3.2 gig or RAM - so if you are rnning XP / Vista / 7 in 32 bit guise then you wont see the whole figure

    Next... Vista was a pain for running with more than 2 gig of RAM - depending on how old your installation disc is. I used to have Vista 64 with 2 gig then upgraded 6 months later - somewhere in between a patch was released for Vista 64 to recognise 4 gig. So if you problems installing a fresh copy then remove 2 gig of ram and install - then run all the updates before adding the extra 2 gig.
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