Asus m4a785-m Random freeze then resume

Ok. I'm placing this under Motherboards and memory, because I'm 90% sure its the m/b.

Here is the system:
M/b: Asus m4a785-m
Ram: 2 x 4gb 1333 (gskill)
Cpu: phenom2 x4 3.4ghz black
video: gtx460 1024mb
O/S: win 7 x64

Now, the problem is bizarre in that I have issues when running the computer under virtually no load. When I tax the system with a game or anything, then it runs beautifully (as far as I can tell). Under little load, the system randomly freezes. On some occasions, I can click to another window, but on most occasions I cannot. When the system freezes, everything freezes (including my lan). after 30sec or more, the system will pick up like nothing happened. This occurs when browsing the net, or when using word processors and the like. It is incredibly frustrating since I can game fine, but can't do any work.

Here's another tidbit. It happens with increasing frequency as the system is on longer (typically but not always). Temperature runs nice and cool, and I'm not getting fluctuation in my 3.3, 5, or 12v rails. Vcore gets throttled I think, and I see drops from 1.3 to ~.9 often. I don't have a way to check the ram voltages, but in the bios has them listed at the proper voltage/timings.

I don't know where else to go since I've tapped out on drivers and whatnot.

I will try an answer any questions promptly, since I really need to get this resolved soon (if possible) or nail down the defective component for RMA or something.

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  1. Welcome newcomer. The first thing you should do is download some software. Prime95 is a stress tester for both your CPU and RAM (it does a blend test). Also, to check your voltages, you could use CPU-Z.

    If your vcore is throttling, maybe you should consider manually setting your DRAM values in the BIOS.

    Generally, the freezing you're describing can happen from any combination of PSU, RAM, or CPU. The PSU could be intermittently (and coincidentally) be failing when the freezing happens. If this is happening, your RAM or CPU may not be getting enough power and stop functioning. Usually, though, this would result in BSoD.
  2. You say the system runs nice and cool. Which part of the system? Do you have a program running, like OCCT, that gives you temps of the processor cores and video card temps while this is happening? I ask because it sounds like the video card is running hot. It will give you short freezes like that when it is. If your fan speeds are controlled by the motherboard then during low usage the motherboard and cpu temps are low so the fan speed will be also. When you start taxing the cpu and chipsets then the fan speeds increase cooling off the inside of the case and giving the vid card more cool air to run across it's gpu and mem. If you have a different video card I would try that one and see if you get the same results. Or it could be a bad rail in your psu causing power fluctuations across the card. At high usage more power is run across it so it doesn't fluctuate as bad, then , when you idle such a small amount of power is traveling down that rail the slightest difference is noticeable. The vid card is the only thing that I can think of that would allow your computer, (or at least the screen), to freeze and not cause a BSOD. :cry: Do you have a free different power cable to plug into the card? On a different rail? When you are typing/using the word processor, if you continue to type when the comp freezes and then unfreezes does it catch up with you or does it skip whatever you were typing at the time? If it catches up then it's probably just the video signal to monitor that is freezing. That would at least narrow it down to the vid or psu.
  3. the psu has multiple cables that I can plug in to various slots (e.g. its modular). I've tried different combinations of cable and slot to no avail. So unless all slots and cables share the same defect, I find that unlikely.

    I do use monitors for voltage, temp, and speed. I've tried a few, and they all read the same. Vcore fluctuates from 1.3 to 1.27 under load. The 3 rails don't really shift at all. (e.g. ~.01). When idle the system sits at 30C, when surfing and doing other typical windows stuff (like using office), The cpu might get as high as 37C, but typically stays ~34C. Keep in mind that I usually have several windows open (pdfs, word, browser, etc.).

    Stressing the system, like prime95 has hit my highest temps (cpu 54, mb 34). Again, I don't get any deviations in voltage. The vcore drops I noticed earlier were because something keeps reseting my power settings to balanced on reboot.

    When I say that the system freezes, I mean the programs hang. My browser says not responding, word says not responding, etc. I can still move the mouse, and my monitor still give live reports of system status. So, in some sense, I can still do things. However, ctrl-Alt-Del wont bring up task manager, and I can't typically do anything other than move the mouse and watch whatever is currently on the screen. When it resumes, it picks up where it left off. So, when I'm typing, anything typed during the hang (or most of it) appears when it resumes.

    This occurs most often when I'm typing something. The only other time I get the lockups (that I've noticed thusfar) is in the browser even when not typing. Typing just makes it happen worse and more often. It stopped responding 4x during this reply for example.

    What I don't get is why some programs are unaffected. My lan connection dies, so I can watch my d/l or u/l speed drop off during the hang, but has no effect on the program downloading/uploading.

    Edit: not sure if this matters, but I don't notice it under load usually. I've seen no evidence of it interfering with games or anything. However, I had prime95 running while typing this. The browser locked up, but prime kept going unaffected.

    Edit2: cpu fan speed is ~500rpm less at rest than load. Chassis fans change less than 100rpm. So, change in cooling doesn't appear to be an issue either.
  4. Shizerbluven - Why can't it be something simple? Just for curiosities sake let's try something simple. Which browser are you using? IE8 or Mozilla? Probably IE8 huh? Download Mozilla firefox and install and see if it still hangs. I have had hang-up (not responding), problems with IE8 but switching to a different browser cleared those up. When the wife has trouble with her IE8 I tell her to open firefox and copy the url over and it usually works for her. Might be a browser setting. I know that doesn't solve the word problem but maybe it will the internet one. Give it a try if you don't mind and let me know what you get.
  5. Yeah so I ran priime 95 for well over 14hrs. vcore only dipped to 1.27, cpu temp never went over 54, mb temp went to 37.

    I actually use firefox. I hate ie8, and don't care for chrome. But, since it isn't a problem related to the browser specifically (unless its a problem that would also be in the LAN, office, etc.). I've stopped looking into that.

    I guess it could be the same thing. I guess I just don't see the connection to my internet connection.

    Edit: oh, and I do appreciate the help thusfar
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    This seems more like a bad background App, and I would start with that idea. Reasoning is the Apps + no load.

    However, it clearly could be a lot of things, R/O software & conflicts.

    Multiple AV Software
    ASUS Utilities
    Corrupted registry
    Conflicting Task/App

    R/O above:
    run MSCONFIG select Diagnostic, restart & Test - Run the Game, etc.
    System check - right click {C} drive, Properties, Tools tab, select one or both options {Fix system errors}, schedule & restart.
    D/L CCleaner - | run Registry Tab {backup Registry} and run task & fix
    D/L Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware - {free version} run full scan

    Good Luck!
  7. First off, let me say that I use ccleaner already. apparently after doing a process check in the taskmanager, I found some processes running that were not listed in my remove programs. so, I had missed a couple of asus utilities that I didn't want to begin with.

    system check ran fine.

    I only use eset, so I don't see where I'd get a conflict.

    I went in and removed a couple of norton registry files, even though norton has never been on this computer.

    After all of that, I reran ccleaner a couple of times to ensure that I caught everything. Then, the fun begins:
    - diagnostic startup BSODS. Irq not less than or equal to (or some such). I've never had this machine bsod (despite the quirky problems) But apparently, it simply will NOT boot into a diagnostic setup.

    -safe mode works, but even in safe mode with networking I do not get networking, so it is difficult to test anything, since it is the browser that is the easiest to replicate.

    That being said, I have not given it a full test now that I'm back in normal setup, since the bsod on diagnostic startup kind of has me a bit more concerned than the flaky browser/office/etc issue. I do know that I'm still able to run other programs just fine. I've been playing the new medal of honor game with no hiccups at all, and under less stress than prime95 ran last night.

    so, I'm up for more suggestions. I hope there's a tidbit in here that helps more.
  8. A failed Diagnostic tells 'some' App overwrote and/or corrupted the registry. Normally, Diagnostic will not BSOD. I've used both ESET & NIS 2010 {after a long bye to Norton}; neither is perfect.

    If it were 'me' it would take a lot less time to back-up, reformat, and reinstall. You can 'try' to reinstall Windows, but you'll find your Apps will also need to be reinstalled so why flatten your head on the wall.

    You could screw around with it for hours and maybe improve or spend a fraction of the time and reinstall.

    If you had remnants of Norton then I assume you didn't build this rig or had Norton from before. Use Norton's removal -

    Good Luck!
  9. I built this machine almost 2 weeks ago to replace my old computer that I was selling. My friend wanted a computer like mine, I knew mine had no issues, so I sold it after building this one. Long story short, I don't have a spare 1tb hdd to back stuff up to for a reformat.

    Also, I did catch the asus disk trying to install norton, but caught it before it did. Norton has not actually been on the machine (I never had to uninstall it, nor has any norton proc run). I found the registry files in the compatibility section (not sure if that matters).

    So far, everything seems to be running fine with respect to office and the browser. I didn't get one hang during this entire response which is incredible. So, apparently one of those asus utilities was at fault. I need to put my drivers on a flash drive, because I only installed from the disk due to lan not working on win7's install (which I've never had before).

    At least I've tracked the problem finally, and can reformat when I get time. Whatever instability is in the diagnostic drivers, doesn't seem to be affecting normal startup at this time. So...that should buy me some time.

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  11. ASUS Utilities are bad, but Gigabyte are almost guaranteed to kill your system. - You'd think...!?
  12. Glad you found the problem. Now maybe you can enjoy it :bounce:
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