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LG DVD RW drive not reading DVDs

I have a LG GSA H55N DVD RW drive. 4-5 months back it was able to read Both CDs and DVDs. :??:
Last month it stopped reading dual layer dvd.Now it cannot read any type of DVDs. :fou:
It sometimes read CDs, not always.I already tried ''Deleting Upper Filter and Lower Filter in regedit'' method to solve it & deleted upper filter, there was no lower filter but nothing happened. :sweat: When I insert any Dvds ,led on drive keeps blinking. Help me? :cry:
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    dvd drives have two lasers, one for the cds and one for the dvds. it sounds like your optical drive has problems switching between these two
    the easiest thing to do is to buy a new optical drive, they are like 20 bucks online
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