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Dual 140mm vs Triple 120mm Rad

Which is better: A dual 140mm radiator or a triple 120mm radiator? Cooling wise.
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  1. The triple setup is probably going to work a little better as it has more area. It also depends on the thickness and even the types of fans on them. 280mm vs 360mm with just the fan sizes in mind. Also, the fin width matters as well. There's a TON of variables when it comes to radiators to look at.
  2. Assuming everything else is equal (FPI, fans, flow rates, ambient temps, quality of the radiators), the triple rad. Simply has more surface area to dissipate heat with.
  3. To give a better explanation:

    Swiftech Dual 140mm "Quiet Power" Radiator... Quiet power, if not known, has a smaller fin density (12fpi).
    Swiftech Triple 120mm "eXtreme Performance" Radiator... extreme Performance, if not known, has a higher fin density (20fpi).
    Both are about 37mm thick.
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    Well you answered your own question there didnt you.
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    Well you answered your own question there didnt you.

    Well you got the best answer here now didn't you? :D
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  7. If you get a higher density radiator, you have to get stronger fans (not CFM, air pressure) to compensate. But you will achieve better cooling than if you had a low density radiator with weaker fans (assuming everything else is equal).
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