BIOS vs OS Programs for Measuring Temps

Hey yall,

I was playing some MW2 today because I just got it yesterday and had my first crack at it. During game play, I came across some unusual periodic beeping noises. At first, I thought it was my speakers going out, but after some trouble shooting, I managed to pin the problem down to CPU temp.

But, when measuring CPU core temps, I came across a problem. I looked to see what the BIOS temp was, and it read 48C (at idle, presumably). But when using CPUID's Hardware Monitor, it told me that my core temps are 36C at idle. So what do I trust to not melt my CPU (even though that wouldn't happen anyway! :kaola: )?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Some system specs would be nice..

    But I would trust the bios and regardless 48c at idle is too hot make sure all your fans are working and check your heat sink to see if it is clogged up with dust. Also check in the bios to see what temp the alarm is set for.
  2. Trust them both. The BIOS temp is telling you the temp when you're in the BIOS. HW monitor is telling you the temps as you sit idle in windows. Neither temp is high and sounds normal. Now just make sure you LOAD temps are with in range and you can safely rule out temps as the problem.
  3. As far as specs go:
    AMD Phenom II X4 925 (Stock Cooling)
    AMD Radeon 4890
    Case with 5 fans = lots of airflow
    (All components are at stock values)

    As far as what the motherboard alarm is set to, it is 60C, which corresponds to the 48C BIOS idle.

    Not sure if this makes any difference, but I started up Prime95, and within a good 30 - 45 seconds, if that, the alarm went off.
  4. I ran Prime95 again to test out how fast the alarm went off, and it did go off quite quickly. I also tested to see at what temp HWMonitor would read if I let Prime95 do its thing. I had to stop it at 57C after about 2 minutes or so, and it was still climbing.

    So... should I be looking into some aftermarket cooling, because this seems pretty unsafe to be running at temps this high.
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