Strange CPU behavior!

So I have an interesting dilemma that I need some major help with. I have never overclocked my AMD Phenom II Black x4 970e, yet CPU-Z has it running at extreme numbers.

Core Voltage 1.520 (Yikes!)
Core Speed 3850.13 MHz
Multiplier x 17.5
Bus Speed 220.02
Idle temperatures around 45 degrees Celsius.
Cores 4
Threads 4

From what I have gathered, this voltage is way too high, and for being at an overclocked frequency my multiplier seems low compared to everyone elses, and also my bus seems higher than what everyone elses seems to be, which is around 200. Why is this happening

EDIT: Oh and I am running an MSI 785G mobo too.
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  1. This does seem strange, normal would be 1.365v and 200MHz FSB, which you seem to have figured out.

    I can't see how this can happen without tampering. I would suggest restoring your CMOS to default and see where it puts it...

    1.5v isn't dangerously high for a 45nm CPU, don't worry to much unless you have heat issues...
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