I've done the biggest mistake in my whole computing life.

I've just messed up my raid0 array, i've deleted a parition from my raid0 array, probably its the partition that holds the raid info and so on.

I was trying to repartition my 3tb gpt drive, but then, i mistakenly deleted the partition of my raid0 array.

my raid0 array is a 4tb (1tb x 4), hooked to a amd sb700 host raid controller.

i've used gparted to accidentally deleted the partition of my raid0 array. my raid0 volume only has single partition, so it is a 4tb single partition.

after mistakenly deleted the parition, after reboot to windows xp, going to computer management, i saw that my raid array, already has a new unformatted partition and that my raid volume is no longer accessible.

guys, i need some help here, im a newbie here, but i hope you may give some helping hands here.

have a look at these additional info:

1. deleted partition - has a mounting point of /dev/mapper/pdc_cieaddhjg

2. i've deleted the above partition using gpared and created a new gpt parition.

3. after doing the above, my 4tb array becomes inaccessible and a new partition emerged.

help me guys to recover it by using testdisk from the gparted's terminal.

i have several experiences with testdisk, and been successful in recovering partition and files from single disks with mbr partition table.

but in this case, i don't know where to start...

what partition do i have to recover, the gpt, non partition or solaris? since all of these corresponds to the size of the partition that i've deleted.

i hope this issue will be resolved.
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  1. don't double post, we have answered your question
  2. Asking the question again isn't going to change the answer.
  3. sorry for the double post, since im a newbie here, im confused with the ask the community button from the left pane and from the right pane.
  4. My issue had been solved.
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