9800 gtx and gtx+ in sli

One Evga tech tells me that they are compatible together another tech tells me they are not. Customer service says they will work together in sli, no bridge needed. Nvidia control says sli enabled but in the Evga precision tool im getting a flatline on the card in slot 2. Is it working or not?!?!
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  1. They should work, but I would use the bridge.
  2. What PSU are you using?
  3. i am using a 900 watt psu
  4. also when i use the bridge i get the blue screen at start up
  5. What's the rest of your PC's specs?
  6. Ok here we go Evga 780i Mobo, Q6600 CPU, 4 gigs Corsair Dominator 1066, Evga 9800 GTX SSC, Evga 9800 GTX+ SC, 900 watt psu.
  7. That lot should work together, I would get on to EVGA and rip 'em a new one.
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