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I have a A8N-sli premium socket 939 using xp pro os.
installed a wd 640g and sys. can see only 138 gig. I suspect the bios needs an update.
the current bios is ver 5.1.39
Asus has a ver 1303 which I believe will allow the system to see the entire drive.
can U provide a bios chip to replace the one I have?
I am using a sata raid 1997-2004 sil 3114.
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  1. Are you talking about BIOS update or BIOS chip replacement ?

    In your case, I believe you do not need BIOS chip replacement. But you may need a BIOS update. Besides, BIOS chip replacement ( an upgrade in this case ) may not be possible.

    On the other hand, BIOS updates are done on the same chip. You download the BIOS update from the manufacturer's site, Asus in this case, and use a method ( USB flash disk or diskette drive or Asus Updater ) to update BIOS.

    For further information, I suggest you to read your motherboard documentation and
  2. What XP service pac are you running, inaddition to the Bios, XP did not support Disk size greater than 138 gigs until (I think) service pack 2
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