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My Inspiron 9400 overheated and crashed! Good thing it happened within 10 days of the warranty expiring. Dell sent me a refurbished XPS 1640, and I thought that this was an awesome upgrade. I barely had my new pc for a week and I was having problems with the power button. It would not turn on!!?? After a half hour, I pushed the power button and it turned on. I thought this was odd, so I turned on and off my computer several times to see if the problem still persists, and it did. My PC would not turn on, so I called Dell and told them of the problem, and they sent me out a replacement part for the power button system that would be fixed at a Dell repair center. Another 15 minutes later, I pushed the power button and it turned on. I played a game for a few minutes and my pc shuts off on me. I called Dell back to let them know of this other problem I was having. They were about to tell me that there was nothing they can do since my warranty which covered the Inspiron 9400 had know expired. Remember that they sent the XPS 1640 as a replacement for my Inspiron 9400. Prior to these calls with Dell, I was negotiating an extended 1 year warranty because they replaced my 17'Inspirion 9400 laptop with a 15' XPS 1640 laptop and I wanted compensation for the reduced screen size and I thought a 1 year warranty would suffice. The tone of the rep of the XPS department changed after he found out that I was still negotiating a warranty with the Inspiron department and he told me that it would be mentioned in our dialogue. My joy over my new XPS 1640 has now turned to sorrow, and I will not have any future dealings with Dell unless it is having them replace my PC under warranty!!!
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  1. Lessoned learned Dell Sucks @$$ at customer service.....

    It sounds to me like a bad power supply did they give you a new one for the 1640 or did it use the same as the old 9400?
  2. Dell hires some of the dumbest people on the face of the planet.
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