[SOLVED] I've think i have made a mistake....

I recently just placed a order on my computer set up and part of that set up is a mother board i got, GIGABYTE GA-P55A-UD4P. The reason why i said, i think i have made a mistake is because I am only going to be running 1 graphic card, and I am not planning on running 2 anytime soon. My ram is limited to 2 stick @ 4GB total, and kinda pointless to up it when i am not a die-hard gamer.

So do i have a over the top board? should i have gotten something else that would of been cheaper with the same features... ?
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  1. should i just live with what i got or return it for something else?
  2. Yes... You got an overkill board that if you ever planned on running two cards, you would loss USB 3.0 / SATA 3.0 support. I would have recommended a board like the ASUS PXP55D-E LX instead. Similar features with one card slot but at a lower cost.
  3. The decision to return is up to you. If you are unhappy and would like to save some money, by all means return. If it doesn't really matter and you don't want to go through the hassle of returning, you'll be okay with that motherboard.
  4. after looking around at other MOBO, i decided to stay with my current MOBO. i guess it allows me to grow if it comes to it. thank you tecmo34 for your response to my S.O.S thread... lol
  5. @mrtoesterman...

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