More Sata HDD XP issues

hello again

im trying to format a western design (i think sata se 1) WD2500JD 250GB sata HDD through XP x64
i realize that xp is not initially supposed to support sata but i had DL WD drivers as well as any XP x64 sata drivers i could find for my motherboard and well.
it started reading it in my computer and read a 4.8GB partition as well as the other 228GB of the other main partition
though they both read that they are in RAW format i was able to format the small 4.8GB partition of the SATA HDD with ease
it now reads NTFS and how much space is free to use as well as max like normal and functioning.
but when i try and format the main 228GB it stalls on me.. keeps freezing up if im listening to music off groveshark the music gets stuck in a loop of. and it will do that for a few minutes then stop tell me that windows could not finish formating the HDD and then go back to a loop like a broken record.
well i just did it again and now it doesnt read the properly formatted NTFS partition it just reads D: and its got a huge white/red circle with a question mark in it.

wondering if anybody has this issue or has had and found a solution yet

any help is much appreciated.
thanks in advance!
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  1. Really sounds like you have a bad drive!
  2. I dont know why anyone would want a 4.8 GB partition... I would go to disk manager... delete the volume and start from scratch creating a new drive the size that you want.
  3. me neither anno
    the comp i got the HDD from was givin to me
    which was givin to him

    im really the only person thats done anything with it
    so far all i got out of it was a badass 680W power supply and a non working sata

    i went into disk management and deleted both of the partitions and tried to format it but its been hanging on formatting for about 9-10 hrs now
    so im assuming thats not gonna work
  4. yea sounds dead
  5. yeah i supposes so. ive tried everything i can think of to try and salvage this thing but it looks as if im *** out of luck.
    thx guys
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