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I am running a 3570k OC'd to 4.2ghz but in order to be stable I have to run the vcore at 1.24v and Extreme LLC. Temps under prime95 get to 75 centigrade. Is this just a bad chip or should I be ok ?

Maximus V gene Mobo
212+ cooler
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  1. you're fine just dont get the load temps to go over 80c
  2. Yea you're fine. Your vcore isn't high either. Just stay below 1.350v to be safe. The limit for sandy bridge was 1.5v and the limit for sandy bridge isn't exactly known yet (but just stay below 1.350v to be safe). I also have the 3570k, but with the 212 evo and got temps between 65-70c when running prime95 (4.5ghz tho). You might consider reapplying your thermal paste just to see if that's the issue. Also, thermal paste takes some time to actually set. Did you just apply it or has everything been set up for a while?
  3. Thanks for the replies.
    I have had the processor in place now for almost a month and fairly sure it is sat correctly. Was under the impression that the high heat was due to the need to have the vcore at 1.24 to be stable. I was more of wondering if the voltage was high given the clock (4.2). I see a lot of people getting 4.2 at stock voltage, around 1.16v and only going to 1.24v to get 4.5 or higher. Didnt know if anyone else had this issue or if the voltage was reasonable?
  4. Each processor is different. It's called the CPU lottery! Sometimes people get amazing chips that will do 4.2Ghz on stock voltages while some will have to pump 1.24v to get 4.2Ghz. But I second fudoka711 on the thermal paste.. Your temps seem a bit high for pressing 1.24v into that chip. It's worth taking a shot and seeing if it drops your temperatures. I suggest watching a few videos of proper methods of putting paste on the 212 as well. I filled the gaps between the aluminum base and heatpipes on mine before installing and I have pretty amazing temperatures on my 2600k. Proper application can drop temperatures dramatically in some circumstances. I've actually had people who tried building their own system with non-stock coolers bring their machines to me to "check" because of thermal related problems that resulted from poor thermal paste application.
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