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Hope someone can help me with this. I have Windows 7 64bit and a Radeon 4870. Everything has been working great for a long time until I got a brand new TV and wanted to check out the computer on it. I have the dvi to hdmi connector. TV is recognized when starting up and seeing the windows load, also displays in safe mode.. but TV goes black if you load up windows normally. Well I was looking around at the settings and told it to force it into TV with said rez(one that was compatible with the TV also did this with monitor and tv both hooked to computer) and it shut my monitor off and still did not display on the TV. Well now my monitor will shut itself off once it gets to the sign in screen for windows. Says unsupported. Well I wiped clean the ati drivers and cleaned the registry of it's very existence. I can access the computer again but if I install the ATI drivers it puts it back into that display and shuts the monitor off saying not supported. Please if anyone can help that would be great.
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  1. Hishuro,

    What resolution is your monitor and TV? You may need the resolution set to the proper output. Also, are the ATI drivers you are installing certified for Windows 7?

    To verify compatibility for both hardware and software please see the Microsoft Windows 7 Compatibility Center available at the following link:

    Microsoft Windows Client Team
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