How to make 1600 memory BE 1600?

Hello. Today i put together my new computer. These are the RAM and mobo i used:



Everything seems to work fine. But i was just wondering how to get it to run at 1600 safely, instead of 1333. I have tried a few things and they just make my computer not work and i saw some blue screens.

Id also like to know how to get XMP working, but thats not too much of an issue for me.
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  1. In the bios under m.i.t you will see memory profile. Change it to profile 1 it will activate the XMP feature of your memory and set the correct voltage, and the rated timings for the memory.
  2. We're finding that the pre-set overclocking features of
    modern motherboards e.g. ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI etc.
    are a better choice for initially overclocking CPU and RAM.

    The manufacturers already know which voltage changes
    should accompany specific overclocking profiles.

    Thus, as the good advice above recommends,
    if the RAM and motherboard both support XMP,
    it's best to let the BIOS select all appropriate
    settings to enable XMP mode with stability.

    If you don't already have this specialized knowledge,
    you might make one change without knowing what
    other changes to make in the BIOS.

    A comparable example is the use of 4 x DIMMs
    with a separate Northbridge (NOT integrated into the CPU):
    this will put more stress on the Northbridge, which then
    calls for slight increases in the "NB" voltage.

    That's what I mean by "specialized knowledge".

    Another good approach is simply to search the Internet
    for reports of overclocking results with your specific hardware
    e.g. published reviews of your motherboard + RAM etc.

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