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MSI GTX 660Ti Warranty

Have i lost my MSI Warranty coverage since ive overclocked my MSI GTX 660Ti Power Edition OC Card?

Well, my cards fine at the moment.. but, its got that general issue with causing the pc to shut down, thanks to my gigabyte Z77x-D3H's excessive voltage protection thing (or maybe just my gpu forcing shut-downs)

I really want to replace my msi card b4 the warranty term is over to fix this randomly occurring 'shut-down' issue.. so, i hope the warranty is not void by excessive overclocking. :p

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    The warranty should not be voided by overclocking there really isnt a way for manufacturers to know that you overclocked.....and i wouldnt call what you are doing "excessive" its nothing out the norm unless you are using LN2 and sub ambient cooling it or something...long story short if you send it back that would not cause an issue with the warranty.
  2. drums is pretty spot on with that. Unless you remove the small "void if removed" stickers or modify the card in any way; normally you have nothing to worry about. :) I actually had a card burn up during a nice overclock when the fan decided it didn't want to spin anymore. It was replaced by MSI pretty fast actually and hassle free. That was an old 8800GTS though from 2007-2008 or so.
  3. Thanks guys!
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