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i just bought this motherboard for a friends budget build...were buying it piece by piece and we put it in the case with psu,gpu,ant the cpu in it ,now it says ddr2 800...well my bud said "What the heck" and tried ddr2 533 and nothing on the screen but when he hits the power button all the fans and stuff kick on just no signal on the the real question is,is the reason we arent seeing anyhting on the screen because the ram is incompatable... or even without ram should we still get some kind of boot screen?
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  1. The page on the motherboard says only ddr2 800 standard. I haven't seen too many boards like that, but from first glance it does look incompatible with ddr2 533.

    Its possible you could change the setting in the BIOS, but to enter the BIOS you.d need the ddr2 800.

    What you should always do before ordering the mobo or ram is check the manufacturer's web site for memory compatibility.

    I just googled Biostar G31D-M7 and bam, there it was:
  2. PS check CPU compatibility as well..
  3. wow...thank you

    ALOT faster than other forums
    and 100% less criticism/trolling

    although i do feel stupid for it being that easy to find

    EDIT: the cpu was in a bundle with the mobo
  4. yea i have read up on it and u do have to used ddr2 800 to get into bios then u can change the setting around do make ddr2 533 to ddr2 800
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