i want to know which system is better buy as far as money, and specs, here we go......

intel 2 quad core extreme 3.0
evga 790i sli digital pwm
3 bfg tech gtx 260 maxcore 55 overclocked of course
4-2 gb corsair ram pc 10600 1333mhz
ultra x4 1050 watts powersupply
velicoraptor 300 gb hardrive


amd phenom II x4 965 black editon
asus m4a79t deluxe
4 xfx radeon hd 5850 black edition overclocked as well
ultra x4 1600 watt powersupply
velicoraptor 300 gb hardrive

NOW THE 1st one costs around 2000 with a case, dvd drive, mouse and mouse pad
THE 2nd one cost 2200 without ram, dvd drive, mouse, and pad

im not really worried about money, but the second build, take 16gigz of ram, at 4 gigz a slot, im thinking its gonna hit me at another 800 just for ram, so i want to know is the first much better cause of price, and its still right behind the second one in terms of performance?
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  1. holy crap is that 4 xfx 5850's?
  2. thats a whole lotta heat being produced
  3. the 4 5850's is going to outperform the 3 gtx 260's most likely (although i don't know a whole lot about how sli performs compared to crossfire). However the 2nd one is a lot more expensive, and you would probably be able to play pretty much any game with either one. I'm assuming you'll be gaming at 2560x1600? If not, you probably don't need that much graphics horsepower
  4. The amd set up will outperform but that can be explained by the price difference and the fact that Nvidia doesn't have their answer to the 5xxx out yet.
  5. You could just go with 2 5970s and get the equivalent of about 6 5850s for about $120 more. My two cents.
  6. i agree with blu3flannel !!!! i would not buy the 5850's if your gonna go big - go big!!!
  7. +1 to bluflannel

    also maybe get an ssd if you've got the money it wouldnt hurt.

    go for the AMD system its much better, due to the Core 2's being crappy compared to something like an i7. i7 920 > core 2 quad extreme
  8. or get a spinpoint instead of the velociraptor(i wish i did) or a new 6g/sec hdd
  9. although i can not lie the velociraptor is good! its just not as good as the spinpoint and the spinpoint has more space for the money.
  10. If you have that much to spend on your components, I'd say go with 2 5970's as previously stated....OR...wait about a month and get some info on the benchmarks of Fermi. With that kind of dough being spent you don't want to worry about buyer's remorse with a new series of cards right around the corner...
  11. Either that or wait till GTX 480 comes out... check benchmarks and if it is much better than the 5xxx series then go something like this

    i7 920 or 975 extreme (based on your monetary availability)
    3 GTX 480
    Crucial RealSSD C300
    2 Mushkin Enhanced Redline 6GB (3 x 2GB)

    this is of course if you have money growing on trees haha.

    otherwise go with the AMD setup all the way.
  12. well i have an 1800 dollar budget, and dont really know whats a good build as far as amd or intel, i had an intel duo 2.8 on a 790i sli ftw, with 3 9800 gtx's, a samsung terabyte drive, with a 1600 watt power supply and 4 ocz sli 1gb ram cards, but sold it for 1800 to my friend, im trying to get something for 2000 if need be, when are the new graphic cards coming out, cause i know the mobo's are already out and so are the cpu's, i like evga mobo's there neat! im thinking of same 790i sli with 3 nvidia graphics card and a quad core intel chip extreme. im leaning more towards the intel build, cause its cheaper and has everything, and also how do you connect those four graphic cards, the xfx radeon, does the mobo even come with the connecter since it has 4 pci-e slots? thank you all for the advice
  13. march 26th the gtx 4xx series begins to come out

    Ive also heard that the i7980 hexacore is coming out in march too.

    as for the connector on the 5xxx series for crossfire, on 4 cards, i know one comes with the graphics card itself, but its only to crossfire 2 cards not 4. you would probably have to buy it seperate. but if you go with the 5970 you only would really need 2 GPU's so the one that came with them would work.
  14. 2nd one needs memory

    Both HD's and PSU choices are hard for me to get behind
  15. With that budget, get an i7-920. Also, the 7200.12 is on a serious slae at newegg, and it is the best under 100$ 1tb drive for gaming, period.
    im thinking of getting this build, right here, its realllll nice, and cheap, and comes with many components, i just have one question, is the hp w1907 a good monitor for gaming, and i like playing real time strategy, like homm, red alert, kknd2, starcraft, is this bbuild good enough for this
  17. JackNaylorPE said:
    2nd one needs memory

    Both HD's and PSU choices are hard for me to get behind

    what you mean by hd's and psu choices are hard for you to get behind?
  18. but its not 10000 rpm
  19. doesn't matter its faster, more efficient and holds more. here are some benchmarks,50.html

    there are very few things that the velociraptor is still the best in, the spinpoint takes a lot. and the Caviar Black is really high on the charts as a WD HDD choice.
  20. they almost as fast

    and for this you need the big daddy strider 1500watts
  21. i need the big daddy strider for the build i have on the compusa, link? or the amd build
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