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First Time Water Cooling Help

I am in the final stage of creating my W/C build and have a couple of questions. First, how do I clean out my brand new pump to make sure there is nothing inside of it? Second, what is the best way to perform a leak test? Last, is there any visually appealing way to add a purge to my loop? I have seen white plastic ones that look like cheap pvc and I don't want that.

Thanks in advance! :sol:
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  1. Have you read through the watercooling sticky?
  2. Several times in fact I didn't see an exact answer for what I was looking for inside the sticky so I decided to ask it directly
  3. You can flush it with water or disassmble (depending if you are afraid of warranty coverage) and rinse as well. Would fall in line with everything else- rinse with water.

    Leak test is covered in the sticky.

    Purging your loop? You mean air or how to drain?
  4. When you say flush it with water do you mean submerge it, or how exactly do I flush the pump to clean it out?

    I mean draining the loop because I don't think I am going to buy a bay reservoir rather something small like a t-virus reservoir or something of that sort.
  5. No, do not submerge any pump that should not be submerged. Also, never run a pump without water.

    You take the pump apart and inspect and clean or hook up to some tubing and run the pump from a bucket or something...just make sure the tubing/pump is primed.
  6. Alrighty I will be sure to do the bucket method seems easier because I don't wanna take the pump apart honestly. As for draining the loop any recommendations?
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    T-line off the lowest part of your loop. Add a 'T' connector with a piece of tubing and a plug. This will allow you to easily drain.
  8. Thank you my friend for all the help!
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  10. **something small like a t-virus reservoir or something of that sort**

    If you have a T-virus, you can use the spare port on that for a drain line,
    I have two and hook them both to a bucket to flush my rig out
    ofc any multiport res can offer you that choice, mounted correctly
  11. I decided against the t-virus way too expensive and visual appeal isn't worth $120 to me personally, but your method of flushing sounds very efficient and easy. Thank you for the input Motopsychojdn I will be sure to keep it in mind depending how my setup looks when I get everything in. :D

  12. they are a luxury res hehe, consider checking out other resses with more than two ports, they can still be made to serve that purpose
  13. you know there's something about the feet that case that reminds me of the ship in event horizon :)

    *yeah the advantage with the multiport res' are the option of having 2 ports reserved for draining and filling(if its a 4 port res)
  14. Haha at this point I might actually just do a bay reservoir and fill all my front 5.25 bays so that I can easily fill/drain. Looking at the single bay EK acental
  15. Mounting it in reverse makes for a neater look inside the case, but you'll need to mod to route the tubing effectively and it allows you to keep the look of the front covers intact
  16. Ya that would look sick to do in reverse with the tubes coming from the outside in through the front. To much work though I have already been trying to put this PC together for 2 months now just ready to be done at this point lol
  17. It does look good, I'll link a pic of mine when I get back in the morning, see if I can tempt yo into a little extra work :-)
  18. Heres a shot from when I was bleeding the rig,(Old pic, hadn't added the cards to the loop yet) which is the reason for the cabletie around the reservoir, but you see how clean it looks?

    And routing isn't that difficult, no severe kinks at all, even with the 120mm fan in front of the res

    and ofc it just looks normal from the front, meshed drivebay covers,

    The second pump is in the radbox underneath the main rig and I'm just waiting on some fittings and wire then I'm adding the third res/pump to the loop, probably going above the first res so even more tubing to hide hehe
  19. That's super duper clean man haha :D looks awesome! I might be convinced it depends on how quickly I can get the stuff shipped to me, I want it done so I can play some black ops before I head back to school. Haven't been able to squeeze in any time for a video game all semester long :'(
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