Help! Can't Get ram to 1600 on Asus Crosshair IV Formula.

Hey guys I currently have ASUS Crosshair IV Formula with AMD 965BE and as for ram I'm using OCZ Gold that is rated at 1600 (OCZ3G1600LV6GK) well in bios I see that it is set to auto at 1067Mhz and when I put it to 1600 and stock voltage of 1.65 well during gaming in Counter Strike or starting benchmark test computer crashes. When I leave everything on auto there is no crash at all, I been at it for 2 straight days trying to figure out what is wrong. I made sure the ram is set correctly as stated in manual. I tried setting the voltage on auto but it goes up to 1.70 volts and even at that the game will crash but it wont crash my computer completely as if I set it at 1.65 volts. As in video card if its needed to trouble shoot I have HD 4890, I thought at first it was my video card messing up that I even contacted XFX but after only messing with ram is the only time I would crash.
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  1. perhaps one or more of the sticks of ram is defective... try running memtest on each stick to check for stability.
    i looked up your ram 1.65 @ 1600 is the correct voltage.
  2. wow that would really suck, I have another OCZ stick that I had from previous i7 build. What mem test would you recommend using?
  3. I am really tripping out, could it be motherboard, ram or what. Right now when I put everything on default and just changed the ram to 1600 at 1.65 voltage windows would not start instead it went into testing mode or something like that.
  4. BREATHE IT WILL BE OK ... wow.

    first off what settings are you changing

    it says 1600mhz is supported via Overclocking

    so by changing the memory speed it may be changing the speed of something else too which is causing the issues.

    "4 x DIMM, Max. 16 GB, DDR3 2000(O.C.)/1800(O.C.)/1600(O.C.)/1333/1066 ECC,Non-ECC,Un-buffered Memory
    Dual Channel memory architecture"

    how many memory chips are you using?
    also you may have to change memory timings manually when you OC it to 1600.

    you can also try taking all but 1 memory chip out for testing..

    then when you have it working put them all back in.

    dont get frustrated or spaz neither helps

    you have to plan a troubleshooting method.. and implement it.

    honestly if it all works at 1067mhz then nothing is bad.

    however you may need to change advanced settings.. its not quite so easy as click click boom sometimes.
  5. memtest86, burn it to a disc and set your computer to boot from cd. Let it run 3 or 4 passes, but If you have a bad stick you should know pretty quick. Are you running 1t or 2t on your settings?
  6. Hello, I tried changing settings as follow

    8-8-8-24 timing and 2t using 1.66v
    CPU/NB to 1.3v
    HT to 1.25V
    NB to 1.225v

    I got these settings by a moderator at OCZ he goes by Praz? After I did that I still crashed in-game while playing left 4 dead 2.
  7. can you give me you memory part number so I can take a look at the modules. try taking it off 1067 and put it at 1333 at the stock ram settings. Put your cpu/nb, ht and nb all on auto, then set your ram 1333 or 1600 if you can.
  8. The ram that im using is OCZ3G1600LV6GK, I burned memtest tried 1 by one and all passed but when I ran the test with both of the ram the test failed well I just rebooted. I tried everything on Auto and they failed, I tried it on 1600 and 1.65v witch is stock for that memory and it failed as well. It is either my motherboard or a setting in bios that I'm not enabling etc.
  9. that part number on new egg is 3 stick of ram, do you have 2 or 3? It says Gold Z3 XTC Heatspreader
    Designed specifically for the Intel X58 chipset / Core i7
  10. I'm using two sticks, at the beginning I was using 3 but I changed it because I had a feeling it was wrong. The moron at microcenter said it was OK to run 3 and would not cause problems lol. But with all these settings and test that ive recently got was with 2 sticks of ram.
  11. Try setting everything at stock in bios, then set the ram @ 1333 @ 8-8-8-24-2T Everything else on auto, then try running memtest again with all the sticks in. If no go, try only dimm 1. If that one only works then go look at you memory QV and there is one set that only has dimm 1 supported. Otherwise, i'm not sure what the heck would be wrong, but if anything it sounds motherboard related. Let me know what happens. Good Luck
  12. I did what you told me, ran 1 stick and the test passed but when I run two sticks it fails. What do you mean to look at memory QV??
  13. go to look up your motherboard supported memory (QV). It will tell you a bit more about your memory, because it does say your ram is supported. I'm thinking it may be a board problem?? Have you tried running the sticks in either two red slots or two black slots?
  14. Yes, I've ran them in two red slots, I haven't tried the 2 black slots. If it is the Motherboard ill have to return it before 30 days so it wont use up my warranty.
  15. yes, RMA that board. I really hate OCZ Ram, but the signs say it's your board.
    Good Luck, let me know how it goes.
  16. what kind of ram would you recommend instead, to use with this board. Corsair, Gskill, Mushkin, Kingston, I will go to my local MicroCenter to buy.
  17. I have G-skill, I also like Mushkin. check out your compatible memory just to make sure it's all good before purchasing. Mine wasn't on the QV list but I lucked out that it works great. Have you thought about buying on it mostly cheaper and no sales tax unless you live in the same state, and free shipping.
  18. This is for an AMD build right??
  19. Also, is your BIOS current? What version is it? Here is your Memory QV:
  20. Hey, yes bios is current I flashed it a week ago. Yes it's for amd 965 build. at new egg what one do you recommend me getting. I will return my board saturday so if the new board does the same thing is def the ram.
  21. Check these out: These are 1333, latency of 7 good ram
    Also: These are good sticks as well. I would get either of these. Your board supports higher than 1333 but overclocked! so you should be able to get about 1600 out of either of these.
  22. Wow thank you the second set looks amazing and good reviews. I will definitively buy those
  23. Good deal. Let me know what it was. Is the memory going to be here before you send out th board? If so you can try the new ram out before you send the board back.
  24. I got a friend coming over, he has an AM3 board with Corsair I told him to bring his set over so I can try to see what it is. But thank you for the great help you are the best, appreciate it.
  25. No problem. Let me know what happens with the Ram. You can keep this thread open or just send me a private message and let me know what happened. I'm interested to see what it was. Good Luck
  26. It was definitely my ram that I was using, since that OCZ was optimized for i7. So I went with Corsair Dominator 1600 for 100 dollars at my local Frys, awesome deal and no wait time for it to ship lol.
  27. cool, good to hear. have fun!
  28. Wow I believe I spoke too soon lmao, It is definitely my motherboard because I had everything stock and had my voltage on stock as well and when I would enter windows I would blue screen. Than I managed to get into windows and it said something about memory could not be read, this sucks.
  29. yeah, RMA the board back to Asus or wherever you bought it.
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